Sunday, February 14, 2010

To and Fro

At my last practice I realized the importance of security.  That is, the security of one's self in one's sports bra.  After a desperate search for the aforementioned athletic garment in the clean clothes pile and a realization that all were buried deep within the dirty pile, I decided not to wear a sports bra.  It wasn't like I thought we were going to be jumping up and down at practice,  which is, in my estimation, the major reason for tethering oneself in restrictive undergarmentry, so I decided to risk my security -- I  grabbed the first thing I saw, a soft black nylon number lacking in underwiring and strapped in.

I realized the error of my ways even before I had made it out onto the floor.  On my walk from the house to the car and from the car to the Palladium, one of the girls had become unleashed.  Through my t-shirt, I discreetly tucked Miss Lefty back in her place and went out onto the floor.  Maybe it wasn't even the best choice in normal bras!

Not long after skating a bit, I again cursed my foolish thinking.  It doesn't matter that they do not bounce up and down as they would if one were out jogging, because in skating they sway from side to side; it's sort of a swish-swishy-swish movement.  After the pace-line, I made a dash for my bag.  I knew I had an Ace bandage and some sticky athletic tape tucked into one of the pockets.  I had visions of a Just One of the Guys/Boys Don't Cry wrap-job.  As soon as I found them, I ran to the bathroom and started picking at the tape with my fingernail.  It would not peel away!   Time was running out, because we had only been released for a quick water break.  Ugh!  What to do?!?!

I ended up skipping the tape and finishing the rest of practice with lots of adjustments, maneuvers, and shimmies to keep my girls in place.  Never again will I be without security whilst on skates! 


Barbarian Librarian said...


I've found that generally you can get away with a regular underwire bra for practice. I actually think most of the girls go that route. Unless you're Pigeon, then a string bikini top is the way to go.

I wear my sports bra if I expect that there will be a lot of hitting though. It's best to keep them safe and snug - taking the full force of a hit in that region can be fairly unpleasant ;)

Swoop Dogg said...

I'm like Scarlett and have to strap them down, even at open skate ideally. There is more movement than I would expect!

Angus said...

This was one of the more riveting blog posts I read today. :-)