Friday, November 27, 2009

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

This is not my wrist.

There are a whole lot of bones in the wrist and the scaphoid is being pointed at here. It does not get much blood flow to it and when broken is hard to heal. It can be very difficult to detect a fracture in it, therefore MRI is frequently used.

My wrist is feeling...ok-ish. Was hurting a bit the other day, but doesn't generally. I'm not sure how long the sprain will take to heal. When I take my splint off and try to move it the mobility is pretty limited. Happy to have a splint rather than a cast and hoping to keep it that way!

A small piece of good news about my injury adventure... My insurance will indeed cover an MRI of my wrist so I'll be having that done on December 7th. If we find out the scaphoid bone is Not Broken (please please please please) then I can start the glorious rehab process... If it is broken, I will probably wind up getting a cast and that may put me out of the derby game for another 2 months... yikes!

Still gimpin' along with one arm and missing skating like crazy--staying with a friend across from Echo Park in LA and keep looking with misty eyes at the path around the lake... *sigh*. I say we have an 'injured list' support group and happy hour real soon!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pervert Alert

So, here I am in Cary, NC visiting my family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  This morning I decided to whip out my skates and skate to where we'll be having Thanksgiving dinner and then back to my mom's house.  Of course, I have no idea where I am going in Cary, and looking at the map now, I realize that I went the completely wrong direction, but that is besides the point.  Anyway, so out I skated into the foggy morning with only knee pads and wrist guards for protection.  It was rough going at first, because the sidewalks were covered in pine needles and fallen leaves, but eventually I made it to a pretty nice stretch of cement.  I turned around after diving into a grassy little hill in front of an old folks' home when I got nervous about stopping on a steep hill (hey!  that's why they teach us the monkey roll!).  I was wet, dirty and getting tired, so I started going back home.

When I was halfway back home, I came upon a little office complex inlet and a white car was at the stop sign.  I waved for the driver, who was talking on his cell phone, to mosey on, but he waved back at me and even backed up a bit to let me pass.  How polite!  I waved my thanks and skated on.  When I came to the next inlet, the same little white car was there with the same driver still talking on the phone.  I laughed and shrugged at him, because it was strange, but all these little inlets always seem connected somehow.  I didn't think anything of it, until I looked back and saw his fist moving quite rapidly up and down in his lap.  Seriously?  Again, I say, seriously?

The sidewalk ended just a little bit after that, so I had to skate across the road to the other side.  I turned back and saw the white car pull out of the inlet and up into the next street right in front of me.  I paused on the sidewalk to fiddle with my skates and to see if he would drive on.  A little orange car pulled up behind him, so he had to drive away.  What a relief!  I skated on, but saw the little white car again with the same driver on the phone at the next street! This was getting a little ridiculous.

I kept having to pause to fix my toe stops, which were jingling quite a bit, and I was really hoping the guy would not follow me all the way home.  I was coming up to a big intersection, where I would have to turn to the right.  I looked back and the white car was waiting at a street watching me.  When I turned to the right, he pulled out and also turned right.  He pulled into the next housing development inlet.  I paused, got my phone camera all ready, and when I skated past I attempted to take his photo!  His left hand was holding the phone (still!) and the right was very active in his lap.  When I held up the phone, he raised his right hand to cover his face.  By this time, I had started yelling at him.  I called him a [expletive deleted] pervert and, because I had had a chance to memorize his license plate, I started yelling that out at him too.

When I paused after passing the car, he backed up into the development.  I decided to chase him down the road.  I was still on skates, with loose turn stops, so I kept to the grass for some traction.  He continued backing into the development and then backed into another road off to the left.  I backtracked up the hill and decided to hide behind the bushes at the opening of the development.  When he slowly pulled up, I jumped out and clicked my phone camera.  I wanted a photo of his license plate too, but when I tried to skate over to that, I noticed that he had opened his car door.

This is where I decided to retreat.  If I had been in my sneakers I could have been a little quicker about getting the license plate and running off, but on skates I just felt so limited in my mobility and not in control of my feet. I also was not stable enough on my wheels to stay and engage this pervert in debate on the pros and cons of stalking wannabe derby girls! I started to skate on and he closed his door and drove on up ahead of me into the next inlet.  This guy would not give  up!  Luckily, I was really close to home so I was able to lose him by timing my escape into my mother's development while he was turning around to wait at the stop sign.  Once in my mom's development, I skated as fast as I could to get home and then I lost a toe stop!   [Expletive deleted.]   I frantically skated back for it, sliding along the damp blacktop.  When I got home, my mom encouraged me to call the police, which I did.  I made my report and they are now on the lookout for the pervert.

So this was the start of my Thanksgiving.  I know it will get better, because I have some really good food and wine waiting for me.  And after all that, this is the only clear shot I got of the sex fiend.  I submit to you Exhibit 1 for evidence:

Friday, November 20, 2009

What's the verdict, Daisy?

Hope your doctor appointment goes well today!  Let us know the outcome and how much longer before you can skate again...   Sending you lots of hugs and kisses!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

For Hardcore Derby Enthusiasts

Okay, so I'm getting married next October and have been perusing all of these wedding sites.  My favorite is the Offbeat Bride and a recent post featured a roller skating wedding!  This is definitely for hardcore derby enthusiasts and I cannot imagine my groom or some of my guests attempting to skate around the Palladium!  Plus this wedding took place locally in San Ramon!  Read all about it here.

(this photo was lifted from the couple's Flickr page)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fresh Meat Craft

I am so excited by how many crafters there are on our team.  We have sewers, bakers, jewelry makers, paper crafters, sign artists, and so many more!  With our new batch of Fresh Meaties, I'm sure we'll discover that we have recruited a whole bunch of crafty women.

This blog post features a few craft items that feature meat.  Why not use these ideas to throw a Fresh Meat Support Group party?  Or with the holiday season rolling around, why not make your fellow Fresh Meat gal something from this selection?  I know our status as Fresh Meat is (in theory) only temporary, but these things are still pretty neat:

Meat Cookies
When we had our Fresh Meat graduation party, I went downtown to look for  a T-bone cookie cutter at ChefWorks.  I could not find one!  I was so surprised, because one would think that that is a pretty popular item.  I mean, who wouldn't want meat-shaped cookies  served at a backyard BBQ or baby shower?  Anyway, I continued my search on the internet and found this blog post featuring a line of meat cookie cutters from Avedano's of San Francisco.  I don't know if they are still available, because they were a limited-edition piece, but wow!  The blog post did a fancy mixed dough cookie, but I envision just a plain sugar cookie with red, pink, and white royal icing swirled together.  The downside to these cookie cutters (and the reason why I don't have one in my arsenal of baking supplies):  they cost $30.00 each, according to this website.

Embroidered Meat
My new-found sewing addiction is embroidery.  Sublime Stitching has a new line of meat embroidery patterns, called Meaty Treats.  How neat is that?  There are T-bones, sausage links, bacon, drumsticks, and much more.  You could make your FM derby sister an embroidered pillowcase to rest her weary head after a grueling practice.  Or perhaps your FM derby sister could use an embroidered towel to dab the sweat from her brow during practice.  Or perhaps she needs a canvas bag to carry all that new gear.  The possibilities are endless (and fun)!

Felt Plushies
These felt meat steaks are wonderful.  I found a blog post of a woman who is making them as toys for her baby.  Babies, schmabies!  If you love handsewing, felt, and meat, why not make some for your FM sisters!  You know that she can use them for...well, I don't know what for, because I don't own any plushies.  Though, when looking up the term plushies (to make sure I was using it correctly), I discovered that it also refers to a paraphilia.  Well, that's an idea...

And if you don't craft yourself, but appreciate the fine art of handmade goods, why not visit Etsy for some meat-themed crafts.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A picture is worth a thousand words so I'll just say this: Be careful how you fall, deja-vu is a bitch, and I find out Friday if I'm gonna be getting a cast on my wrist.

My grandpa wrote "Super Bracelet" on the one pictured here and my mom drew a cute l'il skate with "Breakable Skater" underneath. Wah! 30 years later and here I am again! I've never felt so hungry to skate! Pigeon tells me that when you come back after not being able to skate for a while you're even better... I hope so! Bonding over painkillers with FM Jennipher (dislocated her shoulder at last week's Monday practice) has been fun but we are both itching to pass our scrimmage assessment.
Oh, and last but not least, FM Rachel's knee is hurting like the dickens tonight and FM Nikki has some bruised ribs. Yow! Yep, it's a contact sport!

Oh, and in other news.... we have some new freshies! Our (July Tryout) group is coming to be known as "Medium Rare" (or Maggoty Mouldy Meat if you've been talking to SuperFan VINdestructible) and this group of 20 some-odd new gals includes a Niki, a Rachel and a whole slew of Jennifers... Derby name usage may be in order. We'll keep you posted.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Turkey Bowl!

Derby girls? Bowling? Turkey? Wow! 1st Annual SCDG Turkey Bowl, November 25th. Open to the public.  Email for details and registration information. Register your team today!

Skate on THIS?!?!?

Yesterday I finally got back on skates after what seemed like an never-ending hiatus due to an extremely persistent cold. I skated the levee with FM Jennipher and FM Alayna, telling them to not worry about leaving me behind because I imagined my stamina would be next-to non existent after such a long period of not skating. Getting back on skates was absolutely heavenly. It seemed like my entire body was tingling! And lo and behold, I was actually able to keep up with those 2 hotshots! We made it down to the boardwalk (fit in a little visit to a neighborhood rollergirl with an awesome array of stickers on her car) and most of the way back until I noticed my wheel making a funny sound. NOW, if you EVER hear your wheel 'making a funny sound' STOP AND INVESTIGATE!! I skated blithely along, hmm, wonder what that sound could mean?... until my wheel popped off! Whoa...whoooaa... whoooaaa!!! I twirled around in circles to come to a stop while the gals grabbed my wheel and found my bearing. Unfortunately, the nut to keep the wheel actually on the skate was nowhere to be seen (probably way back where I started 'making a funny sound'!) I was gingerly making my way along the levee on 7 wheels when it occured to me that this would be the perfect time for the shopping cart drill. With Jennipher in front and Alayna behind me we choo-choo trained our way back to the car. Keeping all my weight on my left foot made it cramp up a bit, and getting down the slope to the parking lot felt a little sketchy but all in all, not so much of a calamity. Phew!
Lesson learned: bumpy trails can loosen things, check your nuts 'n toe stops! Now off to buy a new nut (do I need to get a whole set?) so I can keep myself in one piece at practice tonight!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Playing Dress Up

I went and walked around downtown Santa Cruz last night for about an hour to check out all of the costumes and whatnot.  I was expecting to see a lot of roller girl costumes, but only came across two:

I think that these gals actually qualify for the roller disco look rather than the derby girl look and I expected them to break out into song at any moment: