Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fresh Meat Craft

I am so excited by how many crafters there are on our team.  We have sewers, bakers, jewelry makers, paper crafters, sign artists, and so many more!  With our new batch of Fresh Meaties, I'm sure we'll discover that we have recruited a whole bunch of crafty women.

This blog post features a few craft items that feature meat.  Why not use these ideas to throw a Fresh Meat Support Group party?  Or with the holiday season rolling around, why not make your fellow Fresh Meat gal something from this selection?  I know our status as Fresh Meat is (in theory) only temporary, but these things are still pretty neat:

Meat Cookies
When we had our Fresh Meat graduation party, I went downtown to look for  a T-bone cookie cutter at ChefWorks.  I could not find one!  I was so surprised, because one would think that that is a pretty popular item.  I mean, who wouldn't want meat-shaped cookies  served at a backyard BBQ or baby shower?  Anyway, I continued my search on the internet and found this blog post featuring a line of meat cookie cutters from Avedano's of San Francisco.  I don't know if they are still available, because they were a limited-edition piece, but wow!  The blog post did a fancy mixed dough cookie, but I envision just a plain sugar cookie with red, pink, and white royal icing swirled together.  The downside to these cookie cutters (and the reason why I don't have one in my arsenal of baking supplies):  they cost $30.00 each, according to this website.

Embroidered Meat
My new-found sewing addiction is embroidery.  Sublime Stitching has a new line of meat embroidery patterns, called Meaty Treats.  How neat is that?  There are T-bones, sausage links, bacon, drumsticks, and much more.  You could make your FM derby sister an embroidered pillowcase to rest her weary head after a grueling practice.  Or perhaps your FM derby sister could use an embroidered towel to dab the sweat from her brow during practice.  Or perhaps she needs a canvas bag to carry all that new gear.  The possibilities are endless (and fun)!

Felt Plushies
These felt meat steaks are wonderful.  I found a blog post of a woman who is making them as toys for her baby.  Babies, schmabies!  If you love handsewing, felt, and meat, why not make some for your FM sisters!  You know that she can use them for...well, I don't know what for, because I don't own any plushies.  Though, when looking up the term plushies (to make sure I was using it correctly), I discovered that it also refers to a paraphilia.  Well, that's an idea...

And if you don't craft yourself, but appreciate the fine art of handmade goods, why not visit Etsy for some meat-themed crafts.

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Tasha said...

Tee hee, meat-themed crafts. I love it! Sublime Stitching has the most awesome embroidery patterns too.