Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A picture is worth a thousand words so I'll just say this: Be careful how you fall, deja-vu is a bitch, and I find out Friday if I'm gonna be getting a cast on my wrist.

My grandpa wrote "Super Bracelet" on the one pictured here and my mom drew a cute l'il skate with "Breakable Skater" underneath. Wah! 30 years later and here I am again! I've never felt so hungry to skate! Pigeon tells me that when you come back after not being able to skate for a while you're even better... I hope so! Bonding over painkillers with FM Jennipher (dislocated her shoulder at last week's Monday practice) has been fun but we are both itching to pass our scrimmage assessment.
Oh, and last but not least, FM Rachel's knee is hurting like the dickens tonight and FM Nikki has some bruised ribs. Yow! Yep, it's a contact sport!

Oh, and in other news.... we have some new freshies! Our (July Tryout) group is coming to be known as "Medium Rare" (or Maggoty Mouldy Meat if you've been talking to SuperFan VINdestructible) and this group of 20 some-odd new gals includes a Niki, a Rachel and a whole slew of Jennifers... Derby name usage may be in order. We'll keep you posted.


Rachel Eloise said...

Li'l Breakable Skater!!! Awwwwww....Good luck with doc appt on Friday!

nocklebeast said...

I was talking with one from the latest (October) crop of SCDG fresh meet at the SVRG bout last weekend... she injured her right elbow last week... just a few days before her first fresh meet orientation meeting. She's getting surgery this week.

y'all take care of yourselves.

FM Ellen said...

Hi! FM Ellen here (I was sitting next to Mark at the SVRG Bout!) My "Elbow Reattachment" Surgery went OK but I had a BAD reaction to Vicodin and ended up back in the hospital for 3 days afterwards - ugg! But, I'm almost all better now and I'll see you all on Monday, Nov. 30 at practice (although I won't be skating) Here's wishing fast healing to all of the injured Derby Girls out there!

FM Daisy said...

Yowie!! Derby hurts! I hope your healing is going well. See you on the sidelines. Take care.