Friday, November 27, 2009

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

This is not my wrist.

There are a whole lot of bones in the wrist and the scaphoid is being pointed at here. It does not get much blood flow to it and when broken is hard to heal. It can be very difficult to detect a fracture in it, therefore MRI is frequently used.

My wrist is feeling...ok-ish. Was hurting a bit the other day, but doesn't generally. I'm not sure how long the sprain will take to heal. When I take my splint off and try to move it the mobility is pretty limited. Happy to have a splint rather than a cast and hoping to keep it that way!

A small piece of good news about my injury adventure... My insurance will indeed cover an MRI of my wrist so I'll be having that done on December 7th. If we find out the scaphoid bone is Not Broken (please please please please) then I can start the glorious rehab process... If it is broken, I will probably wind up getting a cast and that may put me out of the derby game for another 2 months... yikes!

Still gimpin' along with one arm and missing skating like crazy--staying with a friend across from Echo Park in LA and keep looking with misty eyes at the path around the lake... *sigh*. I say we have an 'injured list' support group and happy hour real soon!!


Mojo Vixen said...

Yikes! This brings me back to almost exactly a year ago. I suffered a broken scaphoid at the 2008 Red Red Tourney in Sacramento. My wrist swelled to practically double the size within a day of it happening.
I had x rays done two days after the accident and it definitely showed a fracture.

Casts suck...and that bone does take forever to heal. Stupid, since it's only the size of a friggin peanut. I almost cried when they put the second cast on.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully, yours is only a sprain and you'll be back on your skates in no time.

FM Daisy said...

Wow! Thanks for the finger crossing. Danged Peanut!!!