Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have been a little reluctant to go the whole hog and fully transition into using my derby name, Scarlett O'Feral.  I changed it on our derby internal forum and then I added it to my Facebook profile, but took it off soon after.  I also haven't yet changed over the name on my helmet from FM Rachel.  I guess my reasoning is that I have not yet passed my scrimmage assessment.  I had to work late at our last assessments so I missed them and I still have doubts that I would even pass the next set and until I do pass I have this feeling that I don't deserve to use my derby name.  Maybe I am being silly about it, but I have this idea that the scrimmage assessment is a sort of rite of passage.  I kind of want to feel proud of earning my name and not just getting it because I've stuck around for 90 days and the new Fresh Meat group has some duplicates of our names.  I'll admit that it was confusing hearing Rachel-this and Rachel-that at practice last night when people were not talking to me, but I managed.  But I suppose I have to just get over this reluctance and peel the old name off my helmet and stick the new name on.


kimberly.m.smith said...

yay! I love your derby name!

FM Daisy said...

I felt the same way.. maybe even a little cheesy about using it before passing assessment, but then there are lots of non-skaters on our league who use derby names.
Besides, we've done oh-so-much more than just hang around for 90 days! We've worked bouts, posted posters, attended practices & meetings, done volunteer hours, taken on jobs in the league...
I say we've earned 'em-- assessment or no. And with me not knowing when I'll be in shape to assess, I'm just gonna step up and claim the name now!
And thanks, Scarlett, for adding 'em to our l'il profiles on here!
*Dewey Decibel*