Monday, October 19, 2009

Name Trouble

So at yesterday's Fresh Meat gathering, Pigeon had a list of our chosen names and Jackie O-Smashes was on the reject pile!  Why? Apparently, when Pigeon searches for it, the name gets a high similarity rating because of this result:  Jaque O'Smashus.  When I search for it, Jackie comes back with a medium similarity result to other names.  So confusing!

I referenced Brian's master punning list and selected another name:

Pigeon said it was okay when she searched the Registry for other names that are similar to it.  I searched for it too and came up with these results.  Scarlett O'Scara gets a high similarity rating, so does this mean that my name choice is actually no good?  I really am confused by this naming process and I think my brain is about to explode!


lawlady11 said...

I think that your name choice was too good since everyone obviously wants to have a name like that. I think you should use a play on your real name. Maybe that will work??

Fox said...

I admit, when I was choosing a name I got stuck with choosing too many things deemed similar on the registry. On the plus side, my brief & spellcheck free name has made life easier. You can check out my advice here: