Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Red Alert: Must Submit Name!

Okay, so apparently they want us to hand in our names as soon as possible -- even if we have not passed our assessments!  Due to the lag time associated with name submissions, it looks like they are trying to streamline the process so as to avoid future delays.

That being said, I guess it is time for the unveiling of the name I will be submitting.  All the credit for this one goes to Brian, my fiance, who came up with this back in July or August.  We had a few other contenders:  Annie Chokely was my favorite for a while, but we already have an Anny [UpYours] on the team; Luna Shovegood was something I came up with while watching the latest HP movie, but Luna Skategood already exists on the Registry, Luna is kind of close to Lulu, and when you google the name some girl with the Cajun Rollergirls comes up; and I really wanted to do something using Clarice Starling, but just could not come up with anything.

So here goes...what do you think???

The only thing I haven't chosen is a number.   Any suggestions?


Rachel Eloise said...

If we're thinking numbers...maybe 1968 or 68? Or what about just 0 to represent the O? Do any of these work for ya'll?

tagjr said...

i like the idea of '0'...that way when you make a big block the crowd will go wild and shout "ooooooohhhh" for you!

Rachel Eloise said...

Yeah, Brian is keen on '0' too. Not sure if we already have that number, though.