Monday, August 10, 2009

Derby Posters

I posted my last bout advertisement today during lunch. I ran around town yesterday doing errands and managed to get rid of some then. I am so bad at this sort of thing. I'm just a tad too shy to be good at it and I always hate being a bother. I ended up getting rid of one at a coffee shop, one at a local crafts store, and another at a music store. The guy at the music store insisted that the tithe for displaying a non-music related poster on his bulletin board was to give him an extra poster. Hmmmm. That seemed a bit suspicious to me, but he said "the other girls always give me an extra one." Whatever. Then today I got rid of one at the Bagelry and another at the laundromat. Phew! I then had to run to the library and was bummed that I did not have another to put up there. (FM Daisy, the Branciforte branch is calling your name for putting up a poster!) I was also given all these little postcard sized handbills, but I can't find them. They must be in a different bag. Anyway, maybe next time we should strap on our skates and roll around town asking for permission as a dynamic duo. What do you think, Daisy?

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FM Daisy said...

Posted one at Cabrillo--hoping many "Wizard" devotees will see it.
Tag-team Skate and Post Relay is ON for September!!!