Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not yer grandma's Do-si-do

Today while I was 'on desk' my co-worker spoke to me and I made the huge mistake of turning my head toward her-- slowly about 30 degrees to the right. Aaaaaaaaa! My neck/shoulder/right arm juncture is killing me from all that whoopin' it up at practice with FM Alayna doin' the derby do-si-do: one partner whips the other from behind her to directly in front, then the other returns the favor... and on and on for what feels like about 20 laps. Super fun, but ooh that smarts! This is my first more-than-fleeting derby inflicted pain so far (I know, lucky!!) and though I was movin' kinda slow today, I did feel pretty butch. I figure if I take the pain doses incrementally I will get acclimated. Slow boiled frog, anyone?

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