Friday, August 7, 2009

FM Rachel's Derby Wish List

  1. Functioning anti-perspirant deodorant: So a few months ago I decided to commit to buying as many products as possible that are not tested on animals and that included deodorant. I found a roll-on product in the natural section of the drug store and that seemed to work okay for about 15 hours and then I would start to smell like fetid maple syrup. Plus it seems that these natural deodorants do not have any anti-perspirant ingredients. Ugh. This does not work for me and my new derby life. Last night I used my BF's manly deodorant and that seemed fine, but I would still prefer some nice girl smelling one.
  2. Water-proof mascara: I bought some expensive BareEscentuals mascara a while back and have hated it ever since. By the end of the day I have these gray circles under my eyes, because, I swear, the mascara flecks off little bits with each chime of the hour. Ugh, but I am too cheap to chuck it and have been trying to use it all up before committing to something else. But it is definitely time for a change, because this mascara does not work with the amount of sweat that pours out from beneath my helmet. I think I really need to go get my mom's old green and pink Maybelline standby.
  3. Confidence to wear short-shorts: It seems that short-shorts have returned to plague me. I managed to wiggle my way out of only wearing the skimpy nylon maroon numbers they wanted us to sport for high school track meets by wearing unflattering gray spandex underneath. Then in the college years, while I was not plagued by short-shorts, I was forced to wear hideous unitards that left nothing to the imagination. And now it looks like, once again, I have chosen a sport that seems to really dig clothes that I have tried to avoid wearing in public. So bring me to the wizard, cause this bit o' Meat needs some confidence. And what goes with short-shorts?
  4. Bush bikini wax: Need I say more?
  5. Socks, socks, socks: I took to wearing knee high socks around the house about three or four years ago, because I was always so cold in the winter, but the collection is still pretty small. I have blue/green stripes, woolen brown/pink stripes, ninjas (with hole in toe), blue & red soccer socks, and I think that's it. This collection needs to be expanded, especially since I do not do laundry all that often.
  6. Wheels 101: I definitely need a lesson on how to change out my new (hot pink!) Radar Pure outdoor wheels so that I can go practice on the tennis courts with FM Daisy. I'm sure I could figure it out with a YouTube tutorial, but I still don't know much about the fine tuning of how tight (or loose) the wheels need to be. Plus, what is a truck?? What does it do? And how much lube does one need? These are things I need to know.
  7. Bandana skills: FM Nikki showed up to practice on Tuesday sportin' a super cool pink bandana wrapped around her pretty blonde hair. Then last night she had on a cool Jose Cuervo bandana. I think I really need to learn these bandana tying skills. I have one bandana that I made in Japan at the traditional indigo-dying workshop and I have no idea what to do with it. Every time I put it on my head, I feel like I should go clean a toilet.

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Rachel Eloise said...

I stopped by Target yesterday and found the socks clearance rack. Yay! I found at least six pairs of knee-high socks for under $1.75 a pair! Double yay!

I've also checked off the mascara and the deodorant from my Derby Wish List. Whew! I no longer look like a raccoon and I hope that I no longer smell like pancakes.