Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boil 'n' Bite Bites Back

I have No Love for my little blue mouth-monster. I'm not sure, but I think tonight's incident with my mouth guard was the grossest yet. No, I didn't drop it in the toilet... though I do think about it, I hate it so. I was skating along, minding my business, chewing on my mouth guard as I was trying to perform any number of challenging drills tonight at Fresh Meat practice (more on the chewing later) and low and behold, I got to experience what it's like to have a mouth guard AND a hair in my mouth. YECHHH! So I'm skating and chewing along (BAD IDEA, don't engage in this nasty habit, I think I have a permanent mouth-sore on my left upper gum) and NOW I'm trying to dislodge aforementioned hair from the mouth guard with my tongue as I skate. Disgusting. And the first attempt at extracting both mouth guard and hair from my mouth (with my hands...) didn't even work. I found myself skating around the track waiting for another break in drills to make the attempt again. 2nd try was a charm. Phew!

Daisy's mouth guard experiences so far:
-Dripping drool down my front after taking it out-- check.
-Dropping it on the floor and putting it back in--oh yeah.
-Mouth sores from compulsive cud-like chewing--yep!
-Washing the thing only once. Ever.--mais oui, that's me!
-and now the hair.

Just. Plain. Gross.


Rachel Eloise said...

I hate slurping up the drool out of mouth piece after taking it out so as not to dribble down my front. Y-U-C-K!

Rachel Eloise said...

Oh, and you know how people stick their mouth guards in their helmets as a resting place? Well, mine always gets stuck in the little helmet hole and it was too much effort to get it out, so I've taken to sticking mine under my bra strap during breaks. That means that when I put it back in it is nice and salty. I-C-K!

FM Daisy said...

Ew. I did that at the first practice before I saw the 'on top of the head' technique modeled by someone. Raven told FM Kat that it looked like a... I forget what she said it looked like... oh well. FM Evelyn was holding hers by the strappy part like a lollipop. Yum!

kimberly.m.smith said...

my previous mouth guard got all scratched up from going in and out of my helmet - and then those scratches cut up the sides of my mouth. also, after forgetting to take it out of my helmet at the end of practice and leaving it there for a day or two (especially when those were warm car days), it ended up warped. just something to consider! it took me like 2 months to catch on.

Kathleen said...

she said it looked like an afro pick in my helmet...little does she know that I actually did have an afro as a little girl..too bad I can't attach photos to comments

FM Daisy said...

Oh yeah, why did I forget that? The classic Korean-fro!!