Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Move the hell over, 
I've got patrons to serve!

I've been getting a lot of support from my co-workers about my new obsession and many of them sent me this CNN story that was in the headlines recently.

Stereotype-smashin' derby librarian, "MegaBeth," a reference librarian in Akron Ohio, is 53 year old player for the Rubber City Roller Girls.

This article is bringing up an age-old battle for us librarians... Having to prove that librarians are actually cool. Well guess what folks. We are!

MegaBeth isn't the only librarian rolling around and taking names, let’s see more of these brawlin' biblio babes!

Judy Gloom plays for the LA Derby Dolls
Take a look at her blog, Hollywood Librarian.

Kiwi Derby Librarian, Bonne Fire from the Pirate City Rollers of Aukland, New Zealand!
See her wonderful video on the reference interview here at her blog, Derby Librarian.

Dame Deviant, a Young Adult librarian, plays for the Bend, Oregon Lava City Roller Dolls and likes to do library-supportive booty blocking!

And in Santa Cruz, we're lucky: Our league has the privilege of having 2 librarians (both in public libraries) and one retired player in library school!
Here's our very own Barbarian Librarian
Soon-to-be formerly known as Fresh Meat Kim.
She is a public library reference librarian and derby a** kicker.

*Side note* Yes folks, we have to earn our names. We spend 3 months as Fresh Meat, then need to pass our scrimmage assessment to be eligible to 'crossover' to the other side. Meanwhile, our chosen derby name gets sent to the name goddesses who have 2-3 months worth of names to get through. You better hope that your name gets approved, because if not it's back to the drawing board.

And then there's me... 
SCDG FM Profile Preview of Fresh Meat Daisy:
My Other Set of Wheels is a Book Cart
Why derby? 
They wouldn’t let me knock people down in salsa dancing.
Theme song:
I Was Born Making Noise- Suzi Quatro

Support your local libraries, folks, and the women who help them rock!! Oh, and please let me know of any other derby librarians rolling around out there!!


kimberly.m.smith said...


Karen said...

What secrets lurk behind the calm cool demeanor of your local librarian? We may never know...

FM Daisy said...

I think all these b*thch#s look like bartenders ;-)

jan dawson (aka downright dirty dawson) said...

w00t! *throws up roller derby librarian gang sign* nice to meat ya, sitas!

downright dirty dawson, #Z682

Anonymous said...

Velma Vex, Ithaca SufferJets, Ph.D. in English/bibliography--hello, ladies!

FM Daisy said...

FM Rachel just forwarded me this survey:

Does anyone working in your library participate in roller derby? If so, please forward them this email.

Do you work in a library and skate, coach, ref, or volunteer for a roller derby team? If so, we need your help! Jennifer Hughes (aka Bout Girl) and Casey Schacher (aka Wikibleedia) are roller derby librarians, and will be presenting a paper entitled "Profiles of Librarians and Roller Derby Girls" at the south-regional Pop and American Culture Conference.

Please help us by completing the following survey:

Please direct all questions or requests for more information about this study to:
Jennifer Hughes or Casey Schacher

Thank you!

Casey Schacher
Emerging Technologies Librarian
Kimbel Library
Coastal Carolina University
P.O. Box 261954
Conway, SC 29528-6054
843.349.6631 (Office)
843.349.2412 (Fax)

FM Daisy said...

another derby librarian:
Dailey Beatings of Houston

Rachel Eloise said...

Don't forget this one:

Lipstick Librarian from Sac City Rollers - Folsom Prison Bruisers!

jessicaelaineth said...

I'm a Derbrarian too! Inskatiable 020 of the Soul City Sirens in Soul City Sirens! I'm actually the founder!

libraryspinster said...

Hello from Australia!

Daisy-Boo Cannon #1922 of Sydney Roller Derby League! Library Technician and proud derbrary lady.

My derby wife is Ruby Doomsday of Newcastle Roller Derby league and she is Derbrarian.

Also skating in my league team the Screaming Assault Sirens is Rogue Streak DERBRARIAN!

Dewey Decibel said...

Hey Daisy,
Hoping to get the Derbrarians together for a scrimmage by NEXT rollercon!
thanks for 'checking' in!


Dailey Beatings said...

Crazy... how did you ladies find out i am a librarian?

Anonymous said...

Di Brarian (020.92) of Jet City Rollergirls here. I'm not the only Derbrarian on my team.

Drakecula said...

Another hello from Australia - the National Library of Australia to be precise. Glad to see there are other derbrarians out there, who said librarians were not cool? :)

I'm with the Canberra Roller Derby League - I'm a yellow star, soon to be orange so hopefully I'll be drafted into a team once I pass next month! But until then I suppose I'm not-so-freshmeat. :)

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