Friday, September 11, 2009

Time for Timer

Fresh Meat Girls just love to be helpful!
Went and demonstrated my go-to-it-iveness at practice on Monday night by timing scrimmages with the stop-watch function on FM Nathalie's Iphone (or was it a blackberry?) and somehow that must have prompted Head Ref Bronco to ask me to time the actual jams of the SCDG vs Tuscon game tomorrow night!! Yikes! Practiced with my very own newly purchased stop-watch and regulation Fox-40 Whistle at last night's practice and I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be. No time like the present!

Hoping I'll be as chill as these guys pictured here...

They tell me that the only thing I need to worry about is getting the heck out of the way i.e. backing up super-duper fast in my platform boots, so that I don't get run over by Hue Refner.

I think I'll be too busy focusing on TIME to notice the bout, so please, help me out and let me know how it went. Going to go make some 2-minute eggs now to practice my skills.


FM Daisy said...

Angus said...

That was your first time with the stopwatch? I would not have known. You looked cool and calm out there in the middle of 1,200 screaming fans, not letting any jam begin until you were ready.
The wand was a nice touch too.
Good job!

FM Daisy said...

Thanks Angus. Yep first time.
So glad I faked you out and that 'rapt concentration on my task' wound up looking like 'cool and calm'!